Married to First Sight: John compares marriage with Sonia to Halloween – "Groom" reveals to be a "victim of aggression attempt"

adminDecember 29, 2018

João Fernandes he found the one who according to SIC married specialists was the ideal woman for him: Sónia Bonn. The couple tied the program, but the relationship did not go well. Although they were "very compatible", some details made marriage impossible.

In an interview with Júlia Pinheiro, The architect reveals: "He was very compatible with sonia. We liked the same things. There were two things I said I couldn't tolerate: poor education and from the point of aggression," he shared, assuming he was "on the edge" when he left program.

Intolerance to aggression comes from a previous relationship, where the young man was "the victim of an attempted aggression." "I don't want this for my life. I've been in a relationship where there has been an attempt on women's part," he admits, adding: "I think it's unbearable. Life has taught me not to go into arguments . "

João and Sonia didn't even have friends

João and Sonia were among the first couples to leave the Gift Experience. The marriage did not work out, and in addition, a friendship was not possible to maintain.

This Thursday, December 20, the "groom" answered some questions from followers through Instagram. "Are you okay with Sonia? They were friends," asked a supporter.

It have to be! We were not friends, "he replied quickly. In another question, John was asked if he was still married to Sonia.

"It's Christmas, not Halloween," he managed with an emoji to cry and laugh. João also revealed that he regrets that he did not reach the end of the program and that "maybe" he would re-register.

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