Married to First Sight: Francis makes surprising revelations – "I thought I was going to poison"

adminDecember 31, 2018

On the last dinner between Gift at First Sight's competitors, the attention turned out Lydia and Francisco. By the way, the couple and the previous competitors, who gave up and were on their way, came forward.

One of the most surprising entries was Sonia who left grace and Eliana estupefactas. Still, the silence was noticeable in the room. also To reach, Francisco and Lydia, appear in this last meeting of the couples. On the contrary, Hugo did not choose to appear.

The pairs of Lydia and Francisco and Sonia and John left well-marked marks in this television format. The former competitors did not adapt to the partners and eventually left Gift at First Sight with their backs facing. Despite everything, Sónia seems to have calmed down on the show, and manages to maintain at least one friendship with her fiance. But neither Francis nor Lydia did.

Lydia enters the room and greets everyone present with a kiss on the cheek. When he comes to Francisco, he radically changes and shakes his hands with him. "I married a man," says Francisco, noting that the woman he married or his friend serves.

The couples were presented with a video of their marriage and left Eliana's tear in the eye. After the visualization, it was time for ex-couples to talk about their lives after the separation. One of the moments Lídia referred most to was the downside he felt during his honeymoon in Bali.

The woman did not feel right next to Francisco, and both ended up leaving the program. Lydia called despite his ex-partner and arranged a dinner with him. "Talk about what went wrong in Bali and invite me to dinner. After we left the experience, Lydia called me on a Saturday and invited me to go to her house. He didn't invite me, he gave me a dinner that I myself had to go, "said Francisco, explaining various details such as lights, conversations to four in the morning, and still fearing going to his former comrade. I even thought I was poisoning.

But Francis's revelation did not help Lydia. He continues to be a person who likes to lie down. We really spoke after the split. But then Francisco followed his life and I followed me, he said. Lidia confessed that it was dinner and "they talked to each other". The experts were confused by Lydia's actions and said "with all this concern Lydia shows about Bali, honestly from a behavioral point of view, I do not understand," one hears.

Lydia is annoyed and says that the "little taste" she gave Francisco should not be public.

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Text: Márcia Alves; Photos: Xposed / Shine Iberia Portugal

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