Married on First Sight: Hugo accepts invitation from SIC – "I'll be back, more than two months later, where I wasn't happy"

adminJanuary 11, 2019

The program Married at First Sight ended December 31 last, but there was so much to tell. Suspended lives, hidden truths, unclear stories … One of the great protagonists is Hugo Oliveira, as we remember, got married Ana Waters, with whom he will not cross, even with shadows, like VIP announced here.

It should be noted that currently, the followers of the driver made a point of keeping up with everything that links him to the format and, unlike all his colleagues, rejected the subsequent invitations to SIC to make statements. But the interview as Eliana Voigt go Júlia Pinheiro, sent this Thursday, January 10, changed the history of history …

Eliana praises Hugo

The blonde sat down Julia (see more details here) and made remarkable statements … wounded with ex-friend Ana Waters, Eliana praised Hugo, who said he had been "Always a step ahead", compared to all other participants. Surely, with her interview, the girl from Caldas da Rainha managed to convince herself Hugo to manifest.

The (still) husband to Ana Waters, thanks immediately to the solidarity Eliana. "I have to thank for your words in the interview and especially those addressed to me. I have always wanted you good, today I just want you to have a calm mind, because true love will follow you … embrace"wrote her Hugo, with "hashtag" that no longer goes "goes from the heart".

Pshe hand off Hugo Oliveira, morning Friday 11th. January brought news. «For you. Of all. Today I come back. More than 2 months later I was not happy … I would never leave you without a word. Good morning!, announced on Instagram. The explicit words say it, in the end, Hugo will have given Julia the opportunity for the veteran to have so much: to listen to him. However, some followers point out that it may be better to keep quiet …

Texto: Tânia Cabral; Images: Disclosure SIC and Instagram

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