Married on First Sight: Daniela and Dave on the beach – Participants in the program "get some waves" together

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Daniela and Dave married to Daniel and Eliana, respectively. Now, with the recordings over, the friendship between SICs Married at First Sight rivals remains. Proof of this was the meeting that the yoga instructor and surfing instructor had this week.

Enchanted by Dave's teaching skills, Daniela decided to plan a lesson to learn to "catch some waves". The moment was taken up on a photograph that Dania's fiance published on Facebook. & # 39; Approved Surfer & # 39; reads an animated icon that the yoga instructor placed over the image.

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Daniela and Daniel renewed their voices

In the last episode of Gift to First Sight, issued by SIC, Daniela and Daniel renewed their wedding vows. Although the relationship did not seem to be good in recent times, the couple decided to take that step.

The businessman and the yoga instructor reminded how everything started and developed the relationship. "The first few days went very well, it was very easy," Daniel said. "It went so well that I finally acknowledged:" Look, I'm falling for you. "Then things started to shake for us," confessed Daniela, assuming she's confused by her husband's personality.

The couple's relationship was marked by Daniel's reaction to the exposure of the partners' feelings. "I shook, I reacted cold. It's my big regret, I shouldn't have reacted like that," he said.

To make the decision, the couple asked for opinions from the people who are close to them. "It looked like something was really there, but I don't think it's enough to maintain a marriage," says Daniela's mother, who doesn't hide her concern. Daniel's best friend, he thinks it's worth trying. You were never good at turning your arm. And if you miss her? "He asked his friend.

More and more confused, the couple went to experts, where they were exposed to all doubts and fears. After the conversation came the crucial moment: the renewal of promises.

"We grew up, we laughed, we swear, we believed and today we are here. At the moment I can't imagine my life without you. No doubt these days have made me a better person. I will never forget what we live, so I never want it to end, "confessed the young man from Caldas da Rainha and chose to continue the marriage. Daniela made the same decision and the couple jumps from the small screen to real life.

Despite this decision, Daniela has not posted pictures beside her partner.

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