"Married at first sight": Ana and Hugo are divorced, but there are problems with divorce

adminDecember 27, 2018


It was about two months ago Hugo and To reach they gave up "Gift at first sight", with both to guarantee that they did not want to maintain the link. And while some couples from the SIC program have already signed divorce (see here), the truth is that the truck driver and training structure remain legally husband and wife.

According to what TeleNovelas has learned, Hugo will prevent divorce from being signed. The truck driver has denied the first date that was marked to handle the separation, but another date is not marked. This will annoy Ana, who wants to deal with the divorce as quickly as possible.

An article read full in TeleNovelas by these weeks, already in pews!

Remember in the video the 10 sentences by Hugo from "Gift at First Sight" that you must listen to!

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