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adminDecember 26, 2018

Not all love stories have a happy ending. Dave and Eliana competed together for "Married at First Sight" (SIC) with the intention of finding new reasons to smile next to each other, but the surfer seems to have fallen into the temptation of another competitor, Ana.

Rumors about the birth of a romance between Dave and Ana came up a month ago, but Hugo's dancer and wife refused it to be true. However, after Ana has published on social networks, this is Christmas, more pictures with Dave, less and less doubt that both will have found love together.

Who is aware of this opportunity, Eliana, who has been removed from Dave, used his account on the social network Instagram to count on it. The former surfer's companion thanked the fans for his devotion, but asked not to question it further. In a last breath, you yourself confirmed the existence of a romance between Ana and Dave as you write, "Yes, what's in sight."

Photo: SIC

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