"Married": After all, Hugo and Diana Chave's friends for a long time … and maybe something more? See compromising pictures – Nationally

adminJanuary 9, 2019

After all, Hugo and Diana Chaves have a long story hidden from "Married at First Sight" viewers. The previous participant has just shown pictures with the presenter … taken 14 years ago (over). And it still goes in the air that between them it may have been more than a friendship …
"Best of all was to confirm what I always knew about you, Diana Chaves. If there is a SPECIAL woman in this life, you're … Di.", started writing Hugo.
The photographs, for a fun night, illustrate well the intimacy between Hugo and Diana: the presenter appears in the lap of Ana and even the pigs.
It is recalled that when Diana went to Hugo's house to tell him they had found him a fight, Hugo was excited and said, "Opa waited for you so long." Now you know it was not just the excitement of knowing that a woman was waiting for you …

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