Markizak Dabing has confirmed its properties: Prestigious prizes for our colleagues

adminNovember 28, 2018


On Monday, November 26, the Zichy Palace in Bratislava was awarded prizes Literary fund in theater, radio and dabing in 2018. And that's what our colleagues have just done!

For his long-term work in production of the Slovak version of series and films, he was awarded the Lifetime Award for the director Štefan Mandžár.

However, the annual honors of the literary fund within dubbing have also been won by our other colleagues:

– actor and director Stano King to direct to movies Crazy vacation (Holiday) a Crazy vacation in Thailand (Pattaya)

Ľudmila Mandžárová for a female dabing performance in the role of Lindsey Cole in the series The Crossroads of Death (Rush Hour)

Alexandra Ruppeldtová to translate and change dialogues for the ministry Rape from a good family (Ku's dust 56).

We sincerely congratulate all the award winners!

depicted by Ľudmila Mandžárová and Štefan Mandžár after award of the literary fund for 2018

Ľudmila Mandžárová and Štefan Mandžár after the allocation of the Literature Foundation for 2018

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