Marketa Irgl is a triple mom. She gave her a name from the Lord of the Rings

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Czech singer and songwriter Markéta Irglová is a triple mother. Her second son is Frodo. With a happy message, she praised Instagram to publish an image with piano sync.

Posts on Instagram are dated September 6th, no Markéta Irglová have only published it this afternoon. So the boy was born a few months ago, but fans and the media can only figure out about it now. "I and Lord Frodo Baggins are back at work," wrote a sympathetic musician photography on the piano.

The children's father is producer and singer-songwriter Sturla Mio Thorisson, with whom Irgles and her daughter Árveig and son Eyvindur Högni have been. The family lives in Iceland.

thirty Markéta Irglová she started her career with the music Glenand Hansardand has been a private partner for several years. They set up a group together The Swell Season, as they called for the book by author Josef Škvorecký. Their debut album, also released in 2006, is also called.

In the same year, they participated in a low-budget romantic musical film When (2006). The film as well as the soundtrack, released in 2007, was a great success. For its central song Falling slowly the pair won Oscar. The Swell Season also has Strict Joy (2009). Markéta Irglová also launched two solo albums Anar (2011) and Muna (2014).

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