Mark Henry tells a story that shows how difficult Ronda Rousey really is

adminNovember 23, 2018

The brutal punishment that Ronda Rousey took at the hands of Charlotte in Survival series proved that not only is she the "most bad woman on the planet", but it is also one of the hardest.

But Rousey's toughness goes beyond the ring as Mark Henry described in a story about her that counted Busted Radio open.

"Maybe it's not me who tells this story, but I'll let the cat out of the bag," said Henry.

"I heard, because I was talking about having stem cells to help my knee and hip flexor, so they operated on me when they did my knee, and they pierced their hip bones and extracted the marrow, created a serum and injected it where you need it to help.

"I was submitted to do that, when I woke up I felt as much pain as any surgery or injury that I had due to the sensitive area of ​​her hips, I heard that Rousey had the stem cells before and I did not use anesthesia to subdue her."

The strongest man in the world could not stand the pain of stem cell treatment without anesthesia, but Rousey did it while fully awake.

"They pierced their hips and extracted the stem cells while I was awake," Henry said. "It hurt, but she was able to do it.

"And I'm going to tell the guys right now, I could not have done that, I woke up with so much pain that I begged the medicine to put me back to sleep." I said, "Give me medicine. # 39; I do not want to feel this, it hurts me.

"And did he wake up?" Golly, who has to count on being one of the toughest humans in the world, does not [just] In struggle, period. "

If you use any of the citations in this article, credit Busted Open Radio an h / t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcript. You can hear Henry's comments about Rousey below.

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