Mario Götze: Mrs. Ann-Kathrin shows a lot of skin in a bikini – only the foot hides the only necessities

adminDecember 31, 2018

Ann-Kathrin Götze and husband Mario spend the Christmas holidays in Dubai. The player gives deep insight into bikini.

Update from December 30, 2018: Fans of player-woman Ann-Kathrin Götze are used to beautiful pictures of the beautiful blonde. Whether you shop, in the nightlife or with friends: The 29-year-old gives his fans daily snapshots. Since Christmas, Götze is now on holiday with husband Mario in sunny Dubai, the reason for quite permissive shots on her social media account.

A picture stands out from the beautiful pictures. You can see Ann-Kathrin Götze sitting on a sofa, her face stretched out in the sun. Of the white bikini is not much to see thanks to an angled leg and crossed arms. At second glance, however, it looks very different. Attentive fans set their sights on the beautiful blonde's bikini zone. Almost too much was shown here involuntarily, only the foot hiding only the necessities. Of course, their fans seem to enjoy the snapshot: "Wow, you look so good!" Some users note.

Frau von Mario Götze shows a lot of skin – as a fan now has a problem with

October 11, 2018 Update: "Siesta" Ann-Kathrin Götze just writes – she pauses. Or vacation? She doesn't let her followers know exactly. It's just clear that Borussia Dortmund's midfielder spouse Mario Götze is relaxing. As usual, she doesn't stick with her charm: she shows a lot of legs, she stretches out on the balcony table. It looks like she's getting the sun out of her, and she just keeps it out on the balcony of her hotel room.

Ann-Kathin Götze: Follows to and from her dress

Most of her followers are blown away by the sight of Ann-Kathrin Götze (formerly Brömmel), and would rather sit down with her on the balcony.

"Beautiful," writes a user.

"Wow, super nice dress – you're always very natural, I think very well," writes an Instagram user.

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"Where's your outfit," another asks. "Your dress is so beautiful," another user comments.

The place for siesta is also a problem for its followers. "Are you in Mexico?" Mistakes a user. "Have you ever been to Mexico?" Ask a user direct beauty.

The user plagues Götze's attitude

One user, but bothering Götze's position: "Children, feet from the table, sit down and put on some sense!", He writes.

But he immediately goes back, he really doesn't want to blame Götze: "So have fun, now Ernst comes! You just fit into the world!" So everything is so wild.

Just days before, the beauty queen sent pictures from Paris. Is she really already in Mexico? This was Gotz's last picture in Paris: "Bye Paris," wrote Götze.

Ann-Kathrin smooching her Mario: There are two different pictures

In between she also had a picture with her loved one for her users:

"My Happy Place", she commented on this – apparently she had between Paris and Mexico (?) But still time to stop in Dortmund with Mario. Interesting: Mario also wrote a picture of the moment, but Ann-Kathrin has her eyes open in his picture.

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