Marilyn Patiños baby: Marilyn Patiño, an over-protected mother | entertainment

adminDecember 28, 2018

Marilyn Patiño She never hid the pregnancy, but after the birth she did not want to visit, this has led to many people getting bored, but she also forced her to have any health problems.

This and many reasons, did Colombian actress Publish on social networks an image of the baby that says he has not allowed visits since birth Valentin.

In an image I post to your Instagram account baby, said the reason in a comment that followed the photo;

"Forgive people who have not been able to meet him personally, but the order for my pediatrician", the actress assured.

"When I wasn't a mother, I thought today's mothers were very complicated because they didn't let them touch and even look at their babies, but now I'm a mother I understand it and sin if any of my loved ones felt familiar" , he explained.

Many consider it exaggerated, but do so on the order of the pediatrician, best of all is that your child is healthy.

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