Marie Kondo on Netflix: It's so satisfying to see her clean up

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It is so satisfying to see her clean up

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"Cleaning with Marie Kondo"

In a new Netflix show, the world-famous Aufraum expert Marie Kondo helps people clean up and clean out. The guide on the "Konmari method" is a bestseller.

Marie Kondo is a cleanup legend, her guide to a bestseller. Now she helps people in a Netflix show to be neat. This sounds a bit esoteric – above all, it's very funny.

Dhis family friend's home doesn't look so rough. Yes, in the kitchen there is a lot of washing up in the sink and in the playroom of the two children there may be smaller pieces, but that is how it is with children. Why Only This Ordinary Bad Family Marie Kondo Brought Into The House – Cleanup The Guru And The Author Of The Best Seller "Magic Cleaning – How To Clean Up Your Life Changed"?

One wonders about this during the first episode "Clean up with Marie Kondo" on Netflix, but only short. For the docutainment format, Kondo visits people in their homes and helps them to muck out, sort and, most importantly, their satisfaction. This is also the real problem with family friend: the mess, they say, pity their marriage. Because she doesn't meet with two young children in everyday life, to keep the house neat – he who works 60 hours a week, but that's already important.

The biggest problem with the two is laundry. Madam friend hates washing and putting her together and has therefore engaged in a "help" that does. Mr. Friend finds the money thrown out. If you know a little about Marie Kondo and her "KonMari" method – there were many articles about it, even with ICONIST – that could be fun. Because an important part of "KonMari" is to fold clothes in a very special way, so you can study them space-saving in the closet. Exactly Miss Me! Not.

We have already cleared the method

It is also important that you do not clean up individual rooms, but groups of objects. Kondo distinguishes five categories: clothing, books, papers, sentimental items and comonos. Komono is possible, from the kitchen, the bathroom and the garage. If you start with "KonMari", you will confuse first. You throw everything out of a category on the bed, floor or table, pick up every single piece and wonder if it will trigger a sense of happiness. If not, thank you and say goodbye.

Netflix has released "Clean Up with Marie Kondo" just in time for New Year, likely to win people with good New Year's resolutions ("I'll finally be cleaner in 2019!") As a spectator. Not a bad thought at all. For people who already clean up naturally, will love the show anyway. Just because it is so satisfying to compare before and after and to observe how open spaces are created.

However, the enchanting Marie Kondo speaks for the show itself. She looks like a Japanese fairy and speaks as if it was magical to clean up. Sometimes it slips into esoterics, for example, when she wants to welcome a house and first have to search for an "energy place" in the living room. But even you can't blame this woman. Maybe because she never takes offense. Kondo, who loves orders for everything, smiles when she sees mountains of dirty dishes or curly clothes in the closet, she never sees confused in the chaos. She knows how to get rid of it.

Exactly this, it's easy to imagine, messy people may feel good that they can do it. As a family friend. The couple puts half of the garage in garbage bags to pick up in front of the house and sorts kitchen drawers at night. They now spend much more time with their two children, looking at photo albums, which were previously stuck in some boxes.

But above all, and it is at least a little proof that the KonMari method can work: they fold their laundry together. Mrs. Friend doesn't even look annoyed.

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