Marie Kondo and 5 influences of cleanliness and order

adminJanuary 11, 2019

Why more people have talked about Marie Kondo on social networks? But first who is Marie Kondo? Well, she is considered the Japanese guru of order, is the author of several books that teach the art of ordering, more than a million followers in his profile on Instagram and recently premiered a series on Netflix: To book with Marie Kondo.

She is part of a new digital society who have made their way into social networks. It is still common to see profiles of people like they become "influencers", but unlike most people, who focus on fashion, travel or gastronomy, some have emerged that emerges in the cleaning and home organization world. Marks like #CleaningObsessed (which can be translated as obsessed with cleanliness) or #CleaningChallenge (cleaning challenge) is very popular with fans of order and grooming.


@mariekondo – 1,165,622 Instagram Followers.

This guru of the organization in each of his Instagram posts gives examples of how he can maintain a perfect order in different places in the home.

From learning how to fold clothes so that it takes less space in the travel suitcase, organizing the clothes trays and closet are some of the "tricks" that Marie Kondo delivers on her Instagram profile.


@mrshinchhome – 1,577,436 followers on Instagram.

Sophie Hinchliffe, better known as "Mrs Hinch", has over 1.5 million followers on Instagram and Her cleaning recommendations led to this British woman being one of the most followed in this social network.

This influence of the order He also made his own toiletries or, as she calls them, her #HinchArmy (Hinch Army)

Hinchliffe says so For her cleaning is a fun task She is very passionate about it, so she takes every work she does at home with good humor.


@thesecretcleaner – 14,242 followers on Instagram.

The account of @thesecretcleaner (or secret cleanser) has also become very popular with cleaning followers. It is controlled by Richard Hopping who says it Being able to do the different tasks of home for yourself generates a personal benefit.

Jumping has increased #CleaningChallenge as a challenge for several days where people can perform different tasks in the house which provides a well-being to those who realize it and to the other residents of the home.

► Clean Mama

@cleanmama – 251,677 followers on Instagram.

@Cleanmama, an anonymous account, stands out among this wave of cleaning factors because through Instagram share organizational and cleaning calendars monthly so everyone can follow him.

In addition, they also handle small weekly challenges for people who are not so fanatical about cleaning, therefore With these tasks, it helps that in simple actions people adopt the taste of cleanliness and order in the home.


@ordenylimpiezaencasa – 56,286 followers on Instagram.

Alicia Church is Spanish considered a professional organizer and trainer in the same field. With your help seeking that people get the most out of the house room And they can get rid of the things they don't need.

The Church's strong is the move and secure it with their advice seeks to create new rooms for their customers and that they get simple order routines.

In his Instagram, he often publishes everything that happens to him: workshops he organizes, projects he takes out and even pictures of his little town garden.


@zerowasteinspo – 59,381 followers on Instagram.

This account, unlike the others, It is more ambitious than community practice of people who like the organization. The main quality is to show the pictures to other Instagram users who are dedicated to doing these jobs at home.

The publications they serve as an example also allow anyone to motivate and follow the trend and even open a space for their followers to share tips or advice for order and cleanliness.

If you get tired of the viral challenges that sometimes turn out to be dangerous or just think they don't add something to your life, then This is a trend that can surely be hooked.

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