Mariana Garza and Pablo Perroni confirm his divorce and bisexuality

adminJanuary 10, 2019

After revealing that Mariana Garza and Pablo Perroni had problems in marriage after the member of the Timbiriche group discovered that her husband was still bisexual, the couple offered a press conference to clarify the situation.

As they've been living in the past few months, Mariana and Pablo performed together at the Milan Theater, where minutes before the actor with the cast of the play Happy had announced the relocation of the stage, to give details of her life as a couple.

On his sexual orientation, Perroni said, "I am a person who can fall in love with a man or a woman, I fall in love with man, we are in full 2019, let's stop using the labels, this has to change."

On the other hand, Garza detailed: "I have always known who are (and are) the previous pairs of Pablo. I fell in love with the great man he is, a great man, I have a daughter with him. (.. .) There are no deceptions, there are no surprises, there are no findings in a cell phone, I did not start checking your cell phone; none of the things that the note was published were discovered. "

At the same time, the artists admitted to divorce proceedings, but Mariana emphasized that the relationship between the two will continue as parents and partners in the Milan Theater. "Pablo and I have each other; We have love, respect, acceptance, admiration … We are proud to form a dumbbell," he explained.

On the other hand, TV Notas magazine added that the separation was due to the deterioration of the relationship. The same thing was to transform love. So now they are both friends and partners.

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