Mariah Carey in a sexy bikini hammer, how she looks now

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Mariah Carey on the red carpet

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Sometimes stronger, sometimes thinner: Mariah Carey knows all variations in body weight. Currently, her figure can be seen, as this picture shows.

Update from January 5, 2019: Mariah Carey shared photos from her vacation with her fans on Instagram. In the very short glittering bikini she climbs out of a pool – and looks – at least below – very slim. The singer has lost 30 kilos in recent months. And this is clearly visible on these new bikini images.

How did the 48-year-old get the slim one? With intentional change in diet, but also allegedly used a gastric band, such as the magazine "Hollywood Life" reports. However, the result is impressive and their fans are enthusiastic. "Omg," one commented, "incredibly slim" another.

Video: Mariah Carey looks very good in a bikini

News from May 2018: Mariah Carey Turns Engagement Ring into Money

New York – If it was just so lucrative to draw a final line under a broken relationship. After James Packer (50) broke Maria Carey (48) a year ago, Diva simply held the 35-carat diamond ring that the media gag had held.

That's what Mariah Carey got for the ring

Now it turns out that Carey secretly sold Klunker to a Los Angeles jeweler. And the word is appropriate. For, according to the insider report, which the US portal "Side Six" writes, Mariah gave the value of $ 10 million for just $ 2.1 million. But the jeweler had to sign a style clause because Carey didn't want the media to hear about it. The insider: "But it had to come out. The jeweler has just put the ring for sale, and that's just one of those variants."

American singer Mariah Carey and Australian billionaire James Paker were engaged in January 2016.

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