Maria Vieira is furious with TVI's decision-making service

adminJanuary 11, 2019

Announced as guest of the program You on TVThis Wednesday, Alexandre Frota does not appear in the program, which generated some buzz on social networks.

Maria Vieira was not indifferent to the situation and ended up using Facebook to demonstrate her rebellion against the situation. "I had the pleasure of meeting Alexandre Frota and his beautiful wife in 2012, at a time when I was in Brazil to record the novel It kissed"(…) and I confess it I really liked having met him, that I found him very nice, very polite and very humble, always with a smile on everyone's face and who seemed to me a very interesting man, good conversationalist and intelligent", Begins by praising.

Sorry the situation for not seeing Frota in TVI, wrote Maria Vieira at "The What worries me most is this sudden decision by TVI that from one day to the next interrupts the navy's presence in its program in the morning without any explanation.".

"I really get the feeling that Censorship octopus takes over our country and the people just because they are conservative or right Being excluded, stolen and removed from his professional activity, since I myself am not invited to work in my own country since I publicly took my satisfaction in the election of Donald Trump and my politically conservative and committed position with the democratic right " .

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I was yesterday to know, through social networks, that Alexandre Frota, former actor for TV Globo and current deputy federal, …

Publication by Maria Vieira sur Mercredi January 9, 2019

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