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adminDecember 30, 2018

According to the new program, which was also announced on the official website of the artistic center, located in Casa Belgais in Escalos de Baixo, Castelo Branco, the pianist will hold two concerts a month, between January and May, following the "Danube line" , according to the program, runs from the German spring to Vienna and Budapest, and continues to the mouth of the Black Sea participate between Romania and Ukraine.

The cycle begins January 19 and 20, 2019, under the theme "The Fountains and Germany", with the interpretation of Maria João Pires and the Armenian pianist Lilit Grigoryan.

The two athletes have worked together, especially in Mozart and Schubert's piano repertoire for four hands, which have played in theaters in Italy, France and Spain, as well as the recent concerts in Belgais.

Grigoryan, at the beginning of his career, resided in the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel in Belgium, where he worked under the direction of Maria João Pires.

Since then, the two pianists have collaborated, especially in the score project, for training and support for new interpreters, launched by Maria João Pires in 2017.

The Maria João Piers concerts in February were announced July 16 and 17 under the theme "Over Austria", and in March, also at 16 and 17, the theme will be "the Danube in Vienna".

In April, Maria João Pires will perform the two concerts on the 27th and 28th under the theme "Against Hungary", and in May for the 18th and 19th the pianist chose the theme "From Budapest to Delta".

Today, the New Year's concert began at 5:30 pm with the performance of Maria João Pires and Lilit Grigoryan on piano, Francisco Alpoim on guitar and the participation of the soprano Ema Neves de Sá, to interpret works by Mozart, Monteverdi, Merula and Handel.

This concert concludes with a series of seven performances, beginning December 14, with programs dedicated specifically to Mozart and Chopin.

Centro de Artes de Belgais is a rural property in Escalos de Baixo, where the Belgais Center for Art Studies, founded by Maria João Pire's formerly run.

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