Maria Ciobanu, sick? Ionuţ Dolănescu breaks silence

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Ionuţ Dolănescu reacted after saying that Maria Ciobanu is seriously ill.

"What I can tell about mother is that I talked to her on the phone. She is in Los Angeles and she is completely healthy. I don't know where those rumors come from. A few weeks ago, there was a very strange rumor, namely: I would have had a traffic accident and died, but you know how it says: I don't die horses when she wants. Fortunately, we are good, healthy. I'm in a full tournament, Ionuţ Dolănescu says in an interview with Antena Stars.

"My mother has no serious health problems. In a few days I see it, because I'm going to Los Angeles with the trip. I hope it will be healthy," added Ionuţ Dolănescu.

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