Maria Cerqueira Gomes leaves children in Porto … to dedicate herself to her career in Lisbon – National

adminJanuary 7, 2019

The invitation came unexpectedly, and Maria Cerqueira Gomes had no way of saying she didn't replace Cristina Ferreira with Manuel Luís Goucha in "Você na Tv".
But for that to happen, the hostess had to move luggage and luggage to Lisbon and leave Invicta behind, since every morning must be in the studios of TVI very early.
She was forced to leave her family behind. In Porto, his girlfriend, António Miguel Cardoso, and his two children, Francisca, 15, and João, just one year old. The little one is given to her father throughout the week that Maria goes to work.
Already in late 2017, the former host of the Porto channel spoke of this change. "I'm not going to leave Porto, I always go between the two cities, every weekend I go back to mine."
"Maria and Manel", who they like to call it, not TVI's morning display, who struggles to continue to be audience leaders against Cristina Ferreira.

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