Maria Cerqueira Gomes does not contain the tears during an interview with Fátima Lopes – A Television

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Maria Cerqueira Gomes confessed in an interview with Fátima Lopes that one of the biggest difficulties in the new phase of her career is precisely being far from Porto. The new host of You on TV explained that she has "Norden" with her and that she will be "very homely".

In an emotional interview, and when she couldn't prevent tears from tearing her face at times, Maria Cerqueira Gomes still praised Manuel Luís Goucha. "The care he has taken with me is from a person with a gigantic heart," said the 35-year-old professional, who last year decided to switch Port Channel to the Queluz de Baixo station.

The testimony of the new star to TVI should have been sent last Saturday, 5, but would coincide with the interview by Cristina Ferreira, previously hosted by You on TVto High Definition, by Daniel Oliveira. For this reason, channel planners decided to postpone it on this Saturday, the 12th, just after Uma newspaper.

Here is the promotion of the interview:

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