Maria Cerqueira Gomes breaks silence

adminJanuary 9, 2019

Desde who was announced as Manuel Luís Goucha's new television companion, that Maria Cerqueira Gomes has been a prominent role in the national press and in the social networks where she has been in countless times compared to Cristina Ferreira.

This Tuesday opened the new host at & # 39; You Na TV & # 39; to clarify the controversy and convey their truth to the heart of fans in a long text on her blog, Come On Mary, where she talked about the arrival of TVI and the harder side of this change.

"At the end of 2018, the good opportunity for my career Manuel Luís Goucha & # 39; comes & # 39; you as a fellow student are (in the long run), in my opinion, what any television presenter may want for their career. of excellence in television entertainment, which has shown an even better person, it does everything to seem so easy … ", one reads first.

"I told you at the beginning of this text that I thought I had been thrown to lions when I started working on television [há 13 anos] without preparation. It is true that the challenge was enormous, and many things could go wrong, but believe me, to know what I know today, I would never think this was real trouble. The reality of working on the TV audience leader goes far beyond what I do in the studio and therefore beyond what I can control … And it is there, outside the small screen, that these are the real issues"He continued.

Maria was upset by the hustle and bustle surrounding her employment, criticizing the way the national press dealt with the subject.

"I was mentally prepared for the exposure I was going to review. I knew my private life would be so private in a way … The problem is that it was impossible to prepare myself for what I have seen daily in the press and on social networks. Wars, insults, completely fictitious news that should be ashamed of the "journalists" who write them "according to the sources." All this has been a difficult reality to face. Not that it affects me, tell me. But it costs me to see the free spread of lies and hatred, as if the real problems in our world don't come, "he says.

As a way to end the message, Mary did not appeal to be fed wars and mentioned the name Cristina Ferreira, of whom she says she has great admiration.

"I therefore end with a wish: let's do our part to make this world better. Let's put the discussions high, the comments abusive, the comparisons and the false news. Let there be more talk of love and truth (…) From the admiration I have for Cristina Ferreira and the competition that one wants healthy. Share positive opinions !! I know this doesn't sell. But the desire is still. "

Read the full text here.

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