Margarita Rosa & # 39; struggled & # 39; a supporter who took out her wrinkles

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Cali shared in this social network a video where she seems to read Song II by & # 39; The Iliad & # 39; and just in that publication a fanatic referred to wrinkles as Margarita has, 53 years old.

"Worry about the unsustainable arrival of wrinkles, it seems yesterday was the magic beauty. Sad night," was the negative message that no doubt, It annoys the hostess.

Before this comment, the actress assured her that she was not concerned about this topic: "Fortunately, it's worried about you, not me"wrote Cali.

Margarita's overwhelming reaction was praised by several of her followers with messages like "Margarita, like you, just you", "good hairstyle", "Intelligence never gets old, and in others it's little", among other things.

Then cross the vibration between the Margarita and the fanatic, and some comments:

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