Marco Costa – Unleashing after reconciliation with Vanessa Martins

adminDecember 27, 2018

Reconciled from Vanessa Martins, Marco Costa decided to make a change in appearance. At the same time he shared an inspiring expression with a follower.

"Replace as often as necessary … but change for yourself! Not from the opinions of other people who have nothing to do with your life. Always faithful to you and your principles," it can be read.

After many signs that reconciliation would be soon, Vanessa Martins and Marco Costa announced this Christmas that they are together again. The column had happened in July.

The news of reconciliation was alive first by Vanessa and then by Marco, minutes away, on the Instagram accounts. "Merry Christmas. Let love and union prevail in hearts, "she wanted, smiling, the blogger in the legend of a picture next to her husband. Even more enlightening declared the confectioner on a photograph of the Christmas tree with his wife and dog, Sadik:" Christmas's best gift was to spend it with the family. "

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