Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa surprised Cristina Ferreira and Alberta Marques Fernandes respond

adminJanuary 7, 2019


A real morning with feelings on Portuguese television. On the day it Full professional skill premiere his program on SIC had a very special "presence": Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa called the hostess and caught her, just to wish her luck on her first day in the new house, and the movement does not seem to enjoy everyone.

"I'm just telling you that I disturbed a meeting that I had – I finished one and I'm going to start another – and I was watching his first program and how he had been with him several times throughout his life when he started with new stages in his life … do you remember your magazine?, informed the President of the Republic.


But, and if nothing made him predict, Alberta Marques Fernandes responded to the citizen's movement through social networks, which proved available to receive the same incentive. "Professor, call me, it can be at 12 or 15. 15. I also deserve", can be read in your message on Instagram.

Cristina Ferreira never hid her personal admiration for Marcelo. "And I want to thank him for being my president, to be president of all Portuguese because I believe the way he has presided over it. It has been what we all Portuguese deserved and wished: affection is not for everyone", so extend the invitation to the head of state to be present in the new program whenever he wants.

See the moment when the new scenario & # 39; plot & # 39; Cristina Ferreira on debut day!

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