Marcello Antony doesn't want to leave Portugal – A TV

adminDecember 26, 2018

Marcello Antony, Jesus in life Safety, spend the Christmas season in our country and hope not to leave Portugal. Portugal is, for the actor, a quieter place to live. "In Rio, there is a situation of constant fear and uncertainty, so here this weight comes out of my back, I can get easier," he concludes.

Without new projects being announced to the actor, he promises to stay here at least until July, as the children study here. "When I received the invitation to this soap opera, I put many things in the scales and what I thought was a lot to come here were my children" the actor tells the magazine Maria.

Already on TVI soap opera, the Brazilian actress confirms that it has been a "happiness"."The sign is fascinating. The rhythm of the recording is very crazy, I register a lot later, but it gives an idea of ​​the character", Ends.

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