Manufacturers of Müslüm Film are down to each other

adminDecember 31, 2018

When the filmmakers of my Müslüm, the most successful local movie from 2018 at the cashier's office, did not agree on them, the film's 82 million TL revenue was the subject of a prosecution.

Ana Müslüm's film about the life of Müslüm Gürses and entered his ninth week in the vision has been seen by 6,229,522 people so far, and he has gained 82 million 107,000 lire gross. But the fact that the parties did not agree between them led to the debate on how to distribute this money.


Müslüm Gürse's life story will tell the story of Müslüm es Movie Announced

Digital Arts / Mustafa Uslu and ICNN Construction Information Consultancy / Nuri Yıldırım have equal rights as two shareholders in the film. While Mustafa Uslu gave the movie to CGV Mars Entertainment, he declared all rights to him.

One day before the release of the film, the ICNN sent a warning to CGV. The show required 50% of the money to be paid to the manufacturer by presenting the proof of operation as evidence. Otherwise they would stop the movie.


Müslüm, continues to run at the ticket office: 6 million step by step

CGV gathered two partners to solve the problem. Yildirim, out of 50 percent of the stock while accepting, "We've had extra expenses, our share has risen," he protested against the expenses presented.

After the parties did not agree, the case was sent to the courts. CGV Mars Entertainment invests 50 percent of its share of the film's revenue from the filmmaking of Uslus's account, while the rest is invested in the Magistrates' Court. So far, the amount accumulated in the Magistrates Court has reached 20 million TL. According to the money to be given by the courts, it will be determined which prices will be distributed to the producers.

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