Manuel Luís Goucha: "Today I must thank Cristina's resignation"

adminDecember 29, 2018

In the program "Tell me how you are" gave the presenter what is considered "this year's interview".

Manuel Luís Goucha was the last interviewer of the year of the program "Tell me how you are". In a revealing conversation with Fátima Lopes, the presenter made an authentic journey in time, and reminisced important moments of the journey, even before he dedicated himself to television.

The truth is that Manuel Luís Goucha always knew what he wanted to do: "My joke for years was talking to the TV as if it were a camera." It was a whole afternoon, and when I started doing the program at RTP, it was the moment I felt like I was swimming with happiness. It was a day when I realized, "This is your usual joke, but now it's serious people," the presenter explained.

However, this was not an easy journey. There were more complicated periods, especially in economic terms: "I lived in rooms, I never gave a weak part. My mom once told that when I ate dinner with my brother, I thought," We're here to eat and how is he? And I ate a bunch of grapes. "

However, the good professional moments have come, especially the TV show "Você na TV!", Which Manuel Luís Goucha has been leading for 14 years in the morning to TVI, where the presenter now has a new partner: Maria Cerqueira Gomes. Manuel Luís Goucha says he's open arms to welcome his new partner, and shows optimism about the future: "I know I'm going to like it very much, it's almost like a breath of fresh air in my life. [de Cristina Ferreira] Do things go. Today I have to thank Cristina for leaving, I got a power that slept. Let's fight! "He assured her.

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