Manuel Luís Goucha: "This was the best birthday present I could have"

adminDecember 28, 2018

The presenter turned 64 on December 25 and received a very special birthday present.

As usual, Manuel Luís Goucha benefits from traveling out of the country on Christmas Eve, the date that celebrates the anniversary.

This year the host is "You on TV"was entitled to a very special gift, as he told the blog" Cabaret do Goucha ": visited the last house where Charlie Chaplin lived, now turned into a museum in Switzerland.

"I am one of those who grew up to watch the" Museum of Cinema "on TV, presented by the effusive and effusive António Lopes Ribeiro accompanied by Antonio Mello on the piano, this is scary enough to hear just one whispering" good noute " . Charlot, Charles Chaplin's greatest creation, to the point of wanting to know all about who wore the tern and "wasteful" character who looked more of Dickens universe. Therefore, I grew to follow everything he did as an actor, writer, director and I now know, also a composer, since some of his audio films are his author, "began to reveal the presenter who traveled with the man, Rui Oliveira, to Corsier-sur-Vevey, Switzerland, where Chaplin lived the last twenty-five years of his life.

"From 2016 we can enter this one who was his last home (by Oona O & # 39; Neill, his last wife and the eight kids with her now) turned into a museum. Think of the shambles or pleasure of that house if they for the many families (a butler, a driver, two "babysitters", a couple of roommates, a chef and their respective assistant, and a team of gardeners), as well as the brilliant visitors who always came, the greater Chaplin liked to receive, but Oona was often impatient with the delay of the stay and remembered what her mother said: "Visitors will be like cakes, they will be rancid when with many days! ", reports Manuel Luís Goucha.

The presenter followed with the publication on the blog "Cabaret do Goucha" with countless photographs taken at that museum, such as the one on the table "is still elegantly laid out to socialize, as if the family should sit down to the day's meal. we feel like visiting the house, along with Chaplin and Oona, who are present in many of the rooms, not only through the original furniture, the books, the letters, the results … of many personal items that lived there just as they were useful As if, with their own wax figures, they are recreating scenes from everyday life, I feel like walking through the garden overlooking the mountains or studios set up next to them, where in replicated scenarios we can "star in" iconic scenes of his quiet movies. "

Manuel Luís Goucha has just made an unprecedented revelation: "Chaplin hated Christmas, it was Geraldine's own daughter who told me when I spoke to her 25 years ago, also at this time, in the program" Momentos de Glória. "Over time, when everyone was already in a big racket, genius would go away, pick up in his office or bedroom, always with Othelo, his black cat, near the family. But don't let him ruin the party … to That evening 1977 Irony irony, Chaplin would die on Christmas Eve. "

Finally, the presenter assumes that this was an unforgettable gift. "For me, who loves Christmas and all his magic, even if they are thinking otherwise (go find out why!), This was the best birthday gift you could have."

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