Manuel Luís Goucha surprises firefighters with a "big" Christmas present

adminDecember 28, 2018

Christmas came earlier to the firefighters in Monforte who received a very special gift from Manuel Luís Goucha.

The presenter surprised the fire department with a tanker. "Monforte Volunteer Firefighters already have the tank truck they needed so much!", He wrote. Manuel Luís Goucha in Instagram, in the legend of the image, where it appears with the man, Rui Oliveira, and elements of the fire department.

It was during the conversation with the presenter of "In Monte do Manel"that Commanders Firefighters Volunteers of Monforte showed that the business did not have one of the vehicles that is essential for the operation of the fight against the fire.

It was then that Rui Oliveira, the presenter's husband, seemed to drive the tank car to the entrance to the ground. "These men and women risk life for us, at least we can do for them," said Manuel Luís Goucha, and excited the fire-fighting professionals.

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