Manuel Luís Goucha in this year's interview: "With whom I lie, who I love, it only applies to me"

adminDecember 28, 2018

Manuel Luís Goucha is the guest of the last "Tell me how to" in 2018, and in a fantastic program considered "this year's interview," unpublished disclosures to Fatima Lopes.

Manuel Luís Goucha shows the more intimate side of View full profile, telling "everything he never confessed" about the relationship with his parents, the love life and even the 14 years he spent with Cristina Ferreira.

The presenter, who turned 64 on Christmas Day, reminded his childhood as "a boy playing on TV" and assumes he can't blame his father "for not being a father" because he was neither a child. Extremely attached to the mother, says Manuel Luís Goucha that he understands that the mother has fragility.

Already on privacy is the host of "You on TV"who is married to Rui Oliveira, it's peremptory: "With whom I lie, as I love, I'm just worried".

It is recalled that from 2 January Goucha will double Maria Cerqueira Gomes with whom he confessed to "love to live for the next four years".

See the promotional video of the interview, which will be broadcast on TVI, next Saturday the 29th.

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