Manuel Luís Goucha and Maria Cerqueira Gomes reveal what they like one in the other – The Television

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Fátima Lopes and Ruben Rua, presenting the program First dateBy TVI, this morning, Thursday the 10th, was on You on TV.

During the conversation with Manuel Luís Goucha and Maria Cerqueira Gomes, the four presenters played a game where they answered random questions about professional issues.

Asked about the new TV partner in the morning program of the Queluz de Baixo station, Goucha chose the quality that most appreciated in Maria. "What I like about her is the intelligent ability she has to deal with the less pleasant things in our profession," she confessed.

In turn, Cristina Ferreira answered the same question, saying that the presenter is a generous person and that his best quality is "the ability to receive".

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