Manon Marsault, a candidate for Marseillais, again criticized his role as mother: "Must stop to defend the unjust!"

adminNovember 27, 2018

On their accounts instagram, Manon Marsault and Julien Tanti, both candidates for the reality show Marseillais, are used to sharing their daily lives. On vacation in Phuket Thailand, the couple enjoyed the afternoon sunday by the pool. In a photo published on the Instagram account by Julien Tanti we see his child Tiago, 7 months old, enjoys this activity. "A family Sunday," said the young man.

But this publication has obviously not had the desired effect in its society. Many netizens were offended and found the child's outfit insufficient given the weather conditions.

"Hat, t-shirt and glasses for the little no ?! Do you think from time to time?!?! It's sad!", wrote a surfer. "So she has sunglasses, but the son has not even had her head?", adds another. "Must stop defending the inconceivable Manon for me, is not funny at all Between the music so his son does not sleep and now the sun's face is serious, you're idiots or how?, lame a person.

In October last year, the young woman was already burned by critics. In a video she shared on social networks, Manon Marsault explained to her fans how she prevented her baby from falling asleep. "It really annoys me there. So darling, you do not want to sleep, mom, she will put the music and believe in me, you will not sleep in the car either"had launched the young woman installed in his vehicle." Outrés by such behavior had just surfers attacked the young woman on the social networks. Since the publication of these images, Manon Marsault would have been pointed out associations of child protection, write more media.

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