Manisha Koirala explains how struggle with cancer made her a better performer

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From writing about her fight against cancer to inspiring many lives with her motivational conversations – and even acting in movies like Sanju and Lusthistorier – Nepal-born Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala has too late been busy. She may say that her fight against cancer has made her a better performer. Asked if her approach to the play has changed, Bombay famous actress told IANS: "I am more aware of everything now. Yes, I have experienced life and thus I can say that winning the fight (against cancer) may have made me a better performer. I know that these days , when I hear a story and read the character that I would perform, I go a little deeper into it, I try to connect with my character, and there is some nuance I'm looking for. "

Manisha published his first book titled Health: How cancer gave me a new life – Published by Penguin Random House – here on Tuesday night. The launch was attended by Bollywood celebrities such as Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Mahesh Bhatt, Anupam Kher, Gulshan Grover, Imtiaz Ali, Rekha, Deepti Naval and Ketan Mehta, among many others.

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Her growing attention to detail is something even Vidhu Vinod Chopra pointed to Manisha, who has featured in films such as 1942 A love story, Man, Khamoshi and Dil Se … in the past.

"When I look at a script, I don't look at the length of my role. Everything that matters is how big the character is in the story. I don't mind it even though it's a five-stage role," said the 47 year old actress, as brilliant as ever.

Manisha was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2012.

Her book gives an insight into the struggle she went through and how she arose triumphantly. Manisha, while writing the book, had to relive the dark memories again.

"Well, there were moments that I would never want to remember in detail because even today when I think of them, I feel numb. So when I wrote the book, I struggle … I gave up between myself so I could avoid Remember them, but my publisher was extremely supportive and I completed the book, "she said.

What makes her so positive?

"At times, everything goes to the right place at the right time, and fate plays a role in making it happen. We all have our lifetime on the planet, and no matter what we do, we'll just live so much time. through the treatment, and then I took so much of my body so I surrendered to the Almighty and said that I embrace what is determined, "she said.

"Since the doctor cannot confirm anything, we must accept what is in our life. Instead of being sorry for it, I lived through it … I live. It is life, as long as you have it, live it, "added Manisha with a smile.

She remembers an event, she said, "When my treatment was on, I lived in New York. One of my cousins, who lived in Los Angeles, contacted me. In the past, we were not so close. Continuous contact with each other … She walked away and so I am alive. It made me believe that God must have a plan and my life has a purpose. Now I am not only healed but also found my purpose of I try to exploit the lifetimes in a productive way. "

The actress has finished making a movie titled Prasthanam, where she will play Sanjay Dutts screenplay.

It's interesting because Manisha played the role of Sanjay's mother Nargis Dutt in Sanju, a biopiss on the actor, which featured Ranbir Kapoor in the title role. "We actors are alike," Manisha said with laughter, adding: "Characters are part of the story … we're executive. But yes, I didn't analyze that way."

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