Maluma gave a kiss to her boyfriend and triggered the controversy (PHOTO)

adminJanuary 9, 2019

Photo: Backgrid UK / Grosby Group

Through their own social network, Maluma and Natalia Barulích They show the world how much they love each other, but this time there was a friend of her who shared a picture where the two seem very loving and touching each other's tongues the public.

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It was Lele Pons who posted on the Instagram image of Maluma who gives a lot to talk about. In it, the Venezuelan shares a table with reggaeton and her girlfriend, but while Lele looks at the camera, the couple is very entertained in full kiss.

"When your deal doesn't reach #MalTercio," the internet celebrity wrote next to the picture that someone found annoying.

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"How dirty they are from behind," wrote the user @catalinablancomuthuanwhile @corepulsefitness He expressed, "Kisses with your mouth open in public …".

Reactions to the kiss of Maluma and Natalia Barulích

Photo: Instagram / lelepons

There were also those who said the scene didn't seem fun at all, and others who criticized Maluma, and said he probably had a bad taste in his mouth, because he was smoking a cigarette.

However, despite criticism, mail the Lele Pons already accumulate 3.2 million like and 23,000 comments where there are also many who celebrate their good humor and tell them that they have also been "third wheel" in several deals.

Reactions to the kiss of Maluma and Natalia Barulích

Photo: Instagram / lelepons

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Maluma and the model Natalia Barulích have been together for more than a year, and both Thanksgiving and Christmas, both made it clear that they are very in love and that they are very happy.

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