Maluma becomes the Santa Claus with this beautiful action

adminDecember 27, 2018

Maluma He has on several occasions shown how talented he is, but not everything. The singer is also a great person and one with a big heart, and he has let him see when he goes out into the streets of colombia full of gifts to distribute to the poor in several neighborhoods in need Medellin.

The video begins with a message from Maluma to later show how it is to take gifts to different places Medellin, here are surrounded by hundreds of people who, far from worrying first about the people who are present, celebrate the singer and his good deeds.

Along with the message "We all deserve a Merry Christmas" Maluma shared on their account Instagram the emotional moment of his arrival with gifts to MedellinHere we can see how the singer, who does not forget his roots, is well received by the Colombian people.

Maluma It shows us that in spite of the criticism and all the scandals where it has been involved lately, it does not affect him and that he continues to maintain his humility despite all the fame he has and that he uses the latter to to help that they have less like this time.

This does not go unnoticed for its fans since he posted the video on his social networks, he reached nearly 500,000 "likes" and more than a million and a half views, talking about the huge love he receives from his fans. Likewise, the singer shared the exclusive gift that "Santa" left him to be a good boy.

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