Maleficent 2: When does the sequel finally come to the cinema with Angelina Jolie?

adminDecember 26, 2018

It has been almost five years since Maleficent hit the theaters with gigantic success. We are waiting for a sequel to this day. When is it finally time?

Tonight at 20:15, RTL Maleficent – The Dark Fairy, Angelina Jolia's second-last show will be shown in front of the camera. For the advertised since 2014, Sequel Maleficent 2 Jolie himself agreed to return from his actress – early retirement and again to play the eponymous evil adventure,

After forever back and forth it was finally so far last year, it shooting was registered and meanwhile also finished, The years of skepticism about whether Maleficent 2 itself would see the light of day can now finally be praised: Maleficent 2 comesbut unfortunately only in the distant future. In Germany, the sequel starts 05/28/2020,

That's what Maleficent 2 is about Angelina Jolie

The plot of Maleficent 2 must some years later be based on the events of the first part, and especially on the increasingly complex Relationship between Maleficent and the budding Queen Aurora played by Elle Fanning as in the first part. Together, they must protect the mother's magical creatures, where the evil fairy is at home.

Who is in Maleficent 2?

In addition to the familiar faces, Maleficent 2 has also been able to draw a number of new, prominent names: Michelle Pfeiffer Queen Ingrith play; Chiwetel Ejiofor has an unknown role, with speculation suggesting that it may be a new one Love Interest act by Angelina Jolie. than opponent Deadpool star Ed Skrein is on board this time. In fact, all the ingredients are together to repeat the colossal success of the first $ 760 million installment in worldwide boxing revenues.

What do you expect from Maleficent?

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