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A lion at the Indianapolis Zoo was killed this week by another lion with which he had puppies, zoo officials announced.

The zoo says a 10-year-old male African lion, Nyack, died Monday morning after he was wounded by a female named Zuri. Zuri was fine.

The animal care staff heard "an unusual amount" of roaring from the outdoor lion yard, the zoo said in a press release. They responded and saw Zuri being aggressive with Nyack in the presence of the 3-year-old daughter of the lions, Sukari.

The zoo workers tried to separate the lions, but they were not successful. Zuri held Nyack by the neck until the lion stopped moving, according to the release.

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A necropsy found that Nyack died of asphyxia due to neck injuries. The lion was killed before the zoo was open to the public.

A female lion, Zuri, fatally wounded a male lion, Nyack, said the Indianapolis Zoo. (Photo: provided by the Indianapolis Zoo)

Officials will conduct a review to find out what led to the incident, the zoo said.

Nyack and Zuri had three puppies together in 2015, the zoo said. The lions had lived together for eight years. There was no indication of a violent event, according to the statement.

"Detailed daily records kept by the animal care staff did not report any unusual assaults, injuries or injuries between Zuri and Nyack before the incident on Monday," the statement said.

There are no current plans to change the way lions are managed, according to the statement.

The zoo says that Nyack "was a magnificent lion and we will miss him very much".

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