Mahmoud al-Bazawi's son in "Cafe Ashraf": Abuya was Biakhd Hadomi depicts her

adminNovember 28, 2018

The artist Mahmoud Al-Bazzawi and his son, the young director Akram Al-Bazzawi, were invited to the fifth episode of the "Coffee Ashraf" program presented by the artist Ashraf Abdel Baqi on the "life" channel.

Al-Bazawi talked about his relationship with technology and its influence on life. He also talked about his relationship with the son, especially on social web sites and the comedy situations that are still happening between them. He talked about the incident that led to mobile use while driving.

Akram spoke in a comedy about his suffering from letting his father in his clothes and wearing it during the film where he took one of his exams at the university and was surprised that the father asked him to leave the exam and go to him immediately because he had wearing a jacket worn by the father under the film of a piece of art, and it is necessary to bring the movie on that day.

He talked about the secret of encouraging his father to Ghazal Mahalla football team, making him another fan of this team, which made him so far a sincere supporter of the Ghazal Mahalla club and continues to play himself in the second division.

The artist Mahmoud al-Bazawi revealed why he did not cooperate with his son in the film he directed, and why Akram did not use it in his own work, especially after presenting his first film, "Searching for Abu Arabi."

In the second part, the artist Ashraf Abdel Baki arranged the coffee, the Omar couple and the Maysa owners of the first Egyptian watch factory, as well as host Ahmed Khashaba, one of the young specialists in the artist's tradition, and also hosted the young Ahmed Adel Arabian owner Ghazlat girls ".

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