Magnificent Binary Decides to Blink! When the new episode 10 will be published?

adminJanuary 11, 2019

Channel's beloved series – Fabulous Binary & # 39; has taken a break from the screen with the new year. In the last episode of the series, published Thursday, December 27, MKC was shot. The series fans had a surprising development while waiting for the new section.

In the last few days, the director of the Great Binary has changed the shipping day changed. The series, which was broadcast on Thursday night, meets the audience on Tuesday night. Ebrahim Celikkol, Kerem Bursin, Ozge Gurel, Öykü Karayel, Engin Senkan, Eren Hacisalihoglu and Zafer Algoz will be released on Tuesday 22 January on Tuesday.


Barca and MKC pursue a network of illegal warriors selling the organs of those who died after the battle. There is another person in search of this network. Boxer Hakan directs the network to the network that causes the brother's death. We are both a great duo and Hakan lowers the grid. The person on the network responsibility therefore suffers strongly. A police attack is taking place and their important men are killed by Hakan. Meanwhile, Hakan has an agreement with Barca and MKC and explains the entire network. As our duo increases their raid, they enter the goal of the man in the network. He picks up a man after him. Barca and MKC are on the Christmas table in Feridun's house. The person following them expects them to go out and keep in mind. Having seen a situation that the MKC does not want to see, he and his son Kaan decide to finish the night early. When he comes to his car, the network man manages to shoot him …

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