Maeyma Subaşı at the same party as the French DJ!

adminDecember 31, 2018

Having separated from abroad and attracted attention with the sharing of different countries, Şeyma Subaşı was finally seen by a foreign man in a friendly manner.

His marriage to media director Acun Ilıcalı last month ended in a contractual way, and Şeyma Subaşı was shown with a DJ during his Mexican vacation. The name of Guido Senia appeared with the French DJ who appeared in Subaşi, not commenting on any of these squares.

Seyma-one SubasI


Maeyma Subaşı, known for being very fond of the parties he shared, shared a frame last night that showed he was at the Circoloco party in Ibiza. At the same time, Guido Senia had a similar share in his account. It is known that the French DJ played at the Circoloco events. With this division it can be said that the proximity between Subaşi and Senia goes further Ort


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