Maëlle tells us all about her love affair with Émeric, Hunan of Lourd is in 2018 scary

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At the end of the second part of the balance of Love is in the meadow, sent this Monday 26th of November on the M6, Karine The Merchant indicated thatEmeric was no longer single. The beautiful Breton boy whose story with Lucia do not succeed, in fact, now share the life of a certain one Maelle, met … during speed dating! It was in early August that the candidate contacted his previous candidate. The rest she tells us …

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Télé-Loisirs: What did Emeric say on the phone?

Maelle: That he wanted to see me again and that he still thought a lot about me. At first I was a bit reserved. I agreed to say that it would only be friendly. We met again on August 6, not far from my home, in Finistère. Finally, what I had felt during the release of his portrait and during the speed date came back.

How did he get your number?

At production, after the balance [tourné au mois de juillet, ndlr]. He explained that he felt he was facing an unfinished story.

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Who took the first step at first kiss?

Him! It was early September. We decided to take our time to go nicely. For a little month we wrote, called … We also sent letters. It was very fast, it was clear.

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Why did not Emeric choose you during speed dating?

Of course we both talked about it … I needed answers and understood some things. He explained it to me without explaining it, telling me that speed update was only 10 or 15 minutes and that being proof of you could be scary. Afraid to be in love again and to have pain.

Has his choice of time upset you?

It was difficult, yes. But we will not hide it: at the moment it's also a part of ego.

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Did you meet Emeric daughter?

Yes. Everything went very well. She is beautiful and we get it very well. It's a little love ship. I feared that it was the first time he had introduced her to a woman. I knew at the moment that it meant I was the right one.

And his family?

I met her too. When I'm home, I feel like home. He also met mine and he is very much appreciated. He is the ideal son-in-law, I think!

Do you live today?

We are almost always together. His exploitation is between his house and mine so we alternate. When it's his daughter, we're no longer home. For a while, we have looked at whether we can move to a larger place, just in relation to her. But if it were up to us, we would move tonight! [Elle rit.]

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Were you jealous of the show?

We would say it was nice. In a couple, this is not a common situation, especially when this couple is very young[[[[She cares out, the editor's note]. But when I watched the show, I sat beside him on the couch! I took a lot of distance from what I saw. The pictures were 6 or 7 months old. But it was still quite funny.

You met Aude, who also attended this season of Love is in the meadow and who has become friends with emeric. See her pregnant did he get you baby cravings?

With Emeric we talk about it. Of course, we want to start a family. When we love each other, we want to commit ourselves in the long term.

What is your professional situation today?

I completed my contracts and my assignments, and I'm looking for a job more on the side of Côtes-d'Armor. I would like to find a job in promoting heritage, cultural meeting in a museum. For now, I help Emeric on his farm.

You went to the birthday of Karine Le Marchand with Emeric. How did she greet you?

Very nice. Faithful to yourself, with great sympathy and gentleness. She was particularly fond of Emeric. On balance she was sad that he did not find her soul mate.

Clementine and Lucie Are you jealous of today?

No, I really do not think so. With them, it did not happen because there were no more feelings of love than that. I have very little contact with them, but they look fulfilled and happy.

Have you talked to them since you were with Emeric?

No. I just talked to Clementine first. I had less contact with Lucie. We followed each other on social networks.

What is the best moment you have had with Emeric at the moment?

It was the time when he told me his passion by telling me that I was the woman in his life and that he no longer saw himself without me. It was the birthday of his brother-in-law.

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