Macy's Trolls Chrissy Teigen for the 2014 Diss Parade as John Legend acts in float

adminNovember 23, 2018

Macy's wants Chrissy Teigen to remember her past criticisms of the parades when her husband, John Legend, performed at his Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York this year.

Legend tweeted early on Thursday morning that would soon be part of the annual holiday. Macy's social networking team responded by quickly reminding her that Teigen once had a few words to choose about the parades.

The company's Twitter account shared a screenshot of the author and model of a cookbook in 2014 who could not "imagine being boring enough to see a parade on television."

Macy's Twitter account presented hilariously side by side with Teigen's dissection tweet and Legend's performance announcement.

Both Legend and Teigen responded to Macy's tweet, recognizing that it was in the brand.

However, Teigen also insisted that she "still did not look" at the parade. "I'm sure you did very well," she said of her husband.

It turns out that she was joking about her viewing habits. Later, he shared videos of her watching the parade, and Legend, of course.

However, she kept her 2014 statement, tweeting that "the parades are rare"

"I must have been killed by a chariot in a past life or something, I feel very uncomfortable seeing this," he wrote.

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