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adminOctober 26, 2018

Luis Méndez cheated on his ex-wife Molly Hopkins in a heated interview in which he says he "used it" for fame! Read what I had to say here!

Whoa, shots fired. A few days after announcing his surprise marriage to a mysterious girl, Promised 90 daysOwn Luis Mendez is hitting his ex-wife Molly Hopkins. "Know something? [Molly] He only took me here to get fame for his business, "said Méndez. We weekly on Thursday, October 25. "She never wanted to give me the opportunity to get my papers. Never. "This seems to be a direct response to Mary's heated reaction to her marriage whirlwind.

After the news of Méndez's secret nuptials fell, Hopkins was angry. "I feel it clearly shows that he was possibly using me and my finances to get here because our divorce was final in May," he said. We weekly. "So he already knew [his new wife] and I had a plan all the time and I'm a fool, or we're both stupid if she does not know it, because I met Jeykll in the Dominican Republic. [Republic] And I have Hyde here, or vice versa. Either way, it can work because I'm glad it's gone. "

Luis spilled his mysterious girlfriend in an interview on October 22 with In contact. "I love this girl so much, she's amazing," she said. "The most surprising part was knowing her because she changed her whole life for happiness". We will keep you informed with the latest news about the Promised 90 days stars Meanwhile, check out a gallery of the cast above!

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