Luis Bolívar shrugged yesterday in Manizales – Other Cities – Colombia

adminJanuary 11, 2019

On Thursday, Juan Bernardo Caicedo brought three black bulls, two soaps and one chestnut, all from Cuatreños. The precious others were applauded at the start. The first, the third and the sixth were in drag. The first was pastueño; the other, with the class but without the strength to transport it; the third, noble and repetitive; the fourth – very punished – was invalidated in the last third; the fifth, clear and the sixth, of much is and background.

But the usual factors were fair race and softness. But They made their ears available to anyone who could cut them. Only Caleño finally made a reflective race that must have been even bigger triumphs.

Antonio Ferrera opened the tables to the media with eight veronicas, medium, long and two chicuelinas that wave the square. Bulla hit him back and removed the real, from the breast plate was chicuelinas, veronica and half the plate. Then, the draper was severely toothed with one hand and another. The imagination flowed favorably from the goodness of the attacks, and the improvisations qualified the claim when he used to order the highest musical honors, the Feria de Manizales. The monumental was a rumba, but the sword traveled without purpose. Everything was reduced to an ovation for drag and a greeting in the media for the damaging matador.

The fourth, who got a very long stick, fell and fell. Parish took it with the president not to change it in the last third and the atmosphere became rare. Nothing, back lung thrown.

Sebastián Castella struck the delicate, lazy and defensive, who also have struggle, say the sacred writings of bullfights. But no to the other, an uneven and unfortunate fight ended with pithing, and to the fifth, a short accompaniment bandereado of his fast and broken rushes, half back sword and stop counting. People watched it drown an upstream.

Luis Bolívar greeted his knees with the lantern and changed long after Clovis's bad puja and Carlos Rodríguez, with two extraordinary couples, had to dismantle. Cali gave Manizales, cited a long time and emptied the gallop in the back and detonated the screaming. He put him around two, three rounds to the noble "madness" that loosened a dino in the clientele. The push came to less, the task was overdraft, the point of impact was innocent, the pranks-five with a disarmament – and at least one trophy disappeared.

It was an intolerable mood in the lines. But hope "Velero", with great depth. The generous and tidy cloak made him honor and the breed remained in joy. On the knees of the media, five in one round, one with the other, emotional and chest. Then the rhyme of natural front, profile, three quarters, and more and more in bouquets of five, six and seven with their auctions. Stop, tempering, sending, loading and coupling. People and chirimia follow hard.

The spears in reed and Luis throw themselves with everything and the rapier in top fulminates. And asylum, the two handkerchiefs appear, the door and back on the shoulders with a coffee crown and everything.


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