Lucy Mecklenburgh claims that she feels broody after the video scandal

adminDecember 26, 2018

Lucy Mecklenburgh has suggested that she feels broody just days after a video of her so cozy with another man appeared.

The former TOWIE star is in a relationship with Celebrity Big Brother winner Ryan Thomas, but was seen with another man during a girl's vacation in Dubai.

She quickly refused anything untoward had happened, and Ryan has not yet published it.

But now Lucy seems to have suggested she's ready to start a family with Ryan, who already shares daughter Scarlett with ex Tina O & # 39; Brien.

Over Christmas, Lucy shared a picture of herself that held her baby girl.

Ryan and Lucy

The star radiates a big smile as she looks down at the little girl in her arms.

She took the picture of the snap: "When Big Lucy met Little Lucy, she's pure perefection"

A fan was quick to suggest that the star might hope to have a child by itself.

They commented: "Better I bet that it makes you brother, I have 2 teenage children, and it's seriously. so sweet XX"

And Lucy seemed to agree with the message by liking it.

It comes after Lucy was snubbed by Ryan's brother Adam, who caused her the ultimate celebrity persecution when he didn't follow her on Instagram.

Lucy still follows him, and Lucy and Ryan are still following each other.

Lucy stands up with a baby

Lucy and Ryan's second brother Scott also follow each other on the social media website.

Adam's snub might suggest he's extremely upset with Lucy after watching the video.

It shows the former TOWIE star who leaned near a man and planted a swinging kiss on the cheek during a recent girl's trip to Dubai.

Lucy wraps her arm around the man and seems to rest his head on his shoulders before running his hand into his arm and grabbing his wrist as he takes a little step back.

She then sees to grab the hand when another girl comes over to them and holds her in touch with him during the video.

The video was taken December 7 at the Penthouse in Five Palm, while Lucy, 27, joined friends in Dubai.

Lucy likes the comment

One source also claimed that she had "rubbed the inside of her leg" and that she and the man left the bar "two minutes apart" later that night.

The crowd said, "At the Penthouse, five Palm, Dubai, Lucy Mecklenburgh went in with a guy who wasn't Ryan.

"Lucy seemed too friendly with this guy. She touched the inside of her legs, kissed her neck and held her hand for at least an hour. Lucy then left alone followed by two minutes later by the guy.

"Ryan is a lovely guy and doesn't deserve to be treated like this in particular, just two days ago they are all over! Magazine and she says she wants a ring next year from him."

Ryan has not yet published the video

After the video appeared, Lucy took Twitter to back up the suggestion that she had been unfaithful.

She said, "Since then, goodbye to a friend has become a cozy evening?! # Ridiculous"

But her fans were unfortunately not convinced.

One said, "You can convince yourself, but no one else. That video speaks for itself!"

Another commented: "That video is beyond bad. You convince yourself it was saying goodbye to children"

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