Luciano Abreu demands compensation for Yannick Djaló – The singer accuses footballer of not fulfilling his obligations

adminJanuary 11, 2019

The bar in the court is no longer a novelty Luciana Abreu. From the beginning, the singer is accustomed to confronting those who one day loved … Let's remember that the first legal battle was with the father. With his mother he also went backwards, but the situation, which is known (still), did not come to court.

After the misunderstandings between Luciana and Yannick Djaló who culminates in the (inevitable) divorce, singer and actor now mark a meeting with their former husband in court. She is tired of being "father and mother", as she has often claimed, and taking on all the expenses of her own girls.

She never hid, but now it's official: Luciana Abreu is preparing to get the entirety of what was paid by Djalo so far, and the subsequent failures to pay the maintenance payout will now be discussed in their own place.

Yannick says Luciana doesn't let him see his daughters

According to Correio da Manhã, an application has been made for an application in Family Court and minors in Cascais, which require Yannick to pay a fee of 111,000 euros for errors for more than two years … Footballer refuses such claims and claims he is not in default. "Then we parted [depois de uma curta reconciliação]Two years ago, I gave a much higher value than what Luciana is now asking for, for her to do, about my death pension. And I have proof of the transfers, "Djaló told the newspaper.

For his part, footballer claims that Luciana does not allow him to see his daughters, Lyonce and Lyannii. "Since I came back to Portugal, I have tried not to see my daughters. I even asked Luciana how much she wanted to let me see the girls. It seems like I have to pay to be a father," admits Yannick.

The football player is obliged to pay Luciana five thousand euros a month. Signs from 2013, the war is long and promises to last …

Text: Tânia Cabral; Pictures: Instagram

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