Luciana Abreu separated from the end of the year

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Sara Oliveira

The actor and singer Luciana Abreu will be divorced from Daniel Sousa, whom she married on October 21, 2017 – according to sources nearby and added that her husband left home on December 30. "

JN tried to talk to the 33-year-old artist. He could not. However, we have heard that Luciana was seen by her husband and her daughters before Christmas in Santo Tirso, and now we need to know if break is nothing more than a conjugal sheer.

It is recalled the couple said "yes" in a religious ceremony, six months after starting the court. About two months later, on December 23, 2017, Luciana and Daniel were the parents of the twins Amoor and Valentina, who were born prematurely and risked their lives. The two met through social networks and the first meeting was two years ago, at Easter.

At that time, Luciana Abreu, as she already said, "didn't believe in love" because of the fierce end with footballer Djaló, the father of his older daughters, Lycee and Lycee. In love with Daniel, she quickly assumed different responsibilities, which apparently achieved the stability she claimed she wanted.

At a time when she recovers her career, Luciana Abreu, on Instagram, has appeared alone and in a professional context, and is notoriously not sharing much with Daniel for a long time.

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