Luciana Abreu and Daniel Souza in danger – Celebrities

adminJanuary 8, 2019

The relationship between Luciana Abreu and her husband, Daniel Souza, is in danger, CM. The tour guide left home in December 30th.

Lucy and Daniel got married in October 2017, in Santo António do Estoril. From the relationship was born the twins Valentine and Amoor, who were born prematurely and had to fight for life in the first few weeks.

The couple began the relationship discreetly, but quickly assumed it through marriage.

After the link with Daniel Souza, this adopted the Luciana family, but the actor did not hold the travel guide's nickname.

Before joining Daniel, Luciana married the Abreu football player Yannick Djalo. They have two daughters in common: Lyonce and Lyanni.

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