Love sharing from Text Hara and Adriana Lima! Responding to breaking news!

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Metin Hara used the following statements in her statement from Instagram:

"Although we are not satisfied with the interest since the first day of our relationship, which started about a year and a half ago, and we continue to drive today, we are not satisfied.


The sad part is that there are headlines on these scenarios, which are completely unrealistic / imaginative in the name of journalism, and that comments are made. It is thought-provoking about the fact that the news of the past from the past to the present is still believed in the reality statistics. Although we were next door in America for nearly 32 days, we waited for silence and news about our private life.

Now that both sides have reached the bullying and reality away from reality, they want to stop this news as soon as possible. We aim to avoid being in the news of this kind of imagination by choosing not to share relationships about our relationship with the media from the respected Turkish people.


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